Listen to the Whispers

From my partner in writing on The Arcadia Chronicles.


There are times in one’s life and career when something you’ve dreamt of and worked towards for many years comes to fruition, in a way that far exceeds your expectations and at the same time is exactly how you envisioned it. That time came for me last week.

It felt different than my film experiences since it truly is a first for me. I’ve been making movies since I was a wee lad, but book writing always seemed more fantasy than reality. A kind of “one day I’ll do that” goal that other commitments and life in general tended to get in the way of. That also ended last week.

For months we have been in the thick of edits and revisions on my upcoming book AFTERLIFE, but last week I received the final artwork for the cover, and I’ve got to say it rocked my world. 


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