Signing at Barnes & Noble, Burbank today.

I am in town for the first launch “party” and signing of The Arcadia Chronicles with my partner in writing, Kenneth Mader at the Barnes & Noble in Burbank, CA. Today at noon we start signing and hope to see a decent turn out, but there is, of course, a great big catch to that.

We are amidst the craziness that has resulted from the COVID-19 scare. The trip out from North Carolina last Wednesday was quite surreal. I got on the plane over news of the general concerns of the virus, I got off the plane some six hours later to wiped out shelves, multiple institutions shutting down, Disneyland closing, and notices to consider self quarantining. The scenario has all of the early setup of a sci-fi thriller.

Thus, I cannot begrudge anyone who decides not to come in for our meet and greet. On the plus side, it is unlikely that our little event will be anything shoulder to shoulder, there will be some precautions in place, and we are still excited regardless. So if you should feel inclined, please come say Hi and check out The Arcadia Chronicles: Afterlife. If not, all good, please just stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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