About that Instagram Blitzkrieg of Mine

Recently I started a rather crazy Instagram campaign to market Corvus Rex: The Substance of Darkness, especially since this October is the year anniversary of it’s release and, of course, Halloween is coming and since trick or treating is not on everyone’s table, an evening at home reading a Lovecraftian tome might be.

I’ve shared everything from art and book covers to screen captures from the book trailer and storyboard-to-screen comparisons that are just plain fun. I automatically cross post from IG to Facebook to Twitter to Tumbler (I hardly ever even look at Twitter or Tumbler) to save some time so I can get in a few minutes of social media a morning and hopefully get out quick so I can then focus on writing. It’s an aggressive campaign, it’s obnoxious, my friends may get sick of hearing about it, it may or may not sell books, but honestly, what I’m really getting out of it is a dose of self encouragement I’ve been needing all along.

I recently came to the realization that, given how long it’s been since I’ve read my own writing, I’m really quite good. I picked up Corvus Rex book one to read back through it and refresh on the text as I prep to start book two for NaNoWriMo this November. No, it isn’t always perfect, but I’m learning to let things go and not penalize myself on items that are not really penalty worthy. My self confidence as a writer started to bloom more than I think it ever has before.

That led me to this campaign on Instagram. It’s not so much whether books will sell as that I’m enjoying what I do again after a long last ten months affected by more than Covid-19. I am, at last, looking ahead, seeing a future for my work in all of my projects that have been patiently waiting for me to get my shit together. Those story-board-to-screen comparisons? They totally bolster me to work on a screenplay I’ve been plotting for a couple years now. Those book cover mock ups and character portraits being shared again and again? They keep me focused on the target and feeling like the future isn’t so dreadfully uncertain.

So, all of that taken into consideration, if you follow me on Facebook and Instagram and my blitzkrieg is starting to get a bit annoying, I apologize for absolutely nothing.

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