New Plans

As of early 2021, after various factors are taken care of (legal name change, for example), I’ll be launching Kimbrell Studios as an actual business and digging into the art to produce illustrations, exploring graphic/comic layout for some of my prose, selling art prints and taking commissions for portraits and other works in different mediums, and I will be exploring taking my independently published works like Corvus Rex to a broader distribution such as through Ingram Spark. A lot going on here, but it’s time. It’s just plain TIME it happened.

As I proceed toward this new adventure, I’ll be making some changes to my platform and will likely be transitioning away from this blog as WordPress (due to their new-ish blocks format) has actually become harder to work with for what I want to display on a web page, and I will likely move back over to Wix, which is not only user friendly but has some beautiful options for page design that will better suit an art studio and writing both. I will leave this page up for history’s sake, and perhaps I’ll still blog on it, perhaps not. It’s okay to leave that as a wait and see.

For now, if you are not following my Facebook page, please take a look at the side bar and click on it there and consider giving it a look and follow. I will also keep updating here for a little while at least.

Again, wait and see.

It’s all good.

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